ADR & Voiceover

We now offer Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) and Voice-Over (VO) services. From refining on-screen performances to bringing scripts to life, we elevate storytelling with state of the art recording quality. Your narrative deserves the perfect performance – trust us to capture it.


We also offer Source Connect and Zoom services in order to allow seamless connection between studios for an additional fee alongside the ADR/Voiceover session.

What We Offer

Voice-Overs & ADR Essentials


Neumann TLm 103, Shure SM58, Rode NT1A

Audio Interface:

Apollo Twin


Yamaha HS8, Beats by Dre


Mac Studio, MacBook Pro

Acoustic Treatment:

True North Acoustic Foam, Acoustic Panels


Pop Filter, Boom Stand, XLR Cables

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